“When our youth succeed, we all win.”

— E.D. Arrington

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2010 African American Read-In with Chaplain Barry Black.

It’s Time To Read With Me!” “It’s Time To Read With Me!” is an alternative “read aloud” literacy enrichment program designed to address the needs of the whole person by creatively teaching to the learning style(s) of at-risk youth. The primary goals are to educate youth to embrace the joy of reading; elevate listening, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing levels; build self esteem; develop healthy competition, teamwork, and social (interpersonal and cultural) skills; and promote history appreciation/story setting and individual ownership (personal responsibility) for academic achievement. At the completion of an “It’s Time To Read With Me!” program, youth will return to their traditional learning environment (public, charter, private, or home schooling) better prepared for academic success, resulting in them becoming well-grounded, productive, contributing members of society. This innovative curriculum is creative, flexible, and portable, which allows its major components to be taught independently, in specific groupings, or in varying order. The program can also be used as a learning tool to extend the teaching day or as a year-round continuing education curriculum (i.e., after school, winter and spring breaks, and summer vacation). For more detailed information contact the founder:

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